Formal Methods and Tools

The mission of FMT is to develop mathematical methods and high-performance algorithms for the design of reliable software- and data-intensive control systems. We focus on modelling, synthesis, analysis, and prediction of their functional, structural and quantitative aspects. We aim to understand a complex systems’ safety, reliability, performance, energy usage, and the risks and costs associated to its architecture, design, operation and maintenance.

Our mission builds on extensive experience in concurrency theory, static analysis, theorem proving, model checking, and term/graph rewriting. Our focus areas are:

  1. Quantitative modelling and analysis for cyber-physical and socio-technical systems;
  2. Program verification for concurrent and distributed software;
  3. High-performance algorithms and tools for model checking and model transformation.

Latest News

Oct. 16, 2018

'Internetscriptieprijs' for Djurre van der Wal!

Djurre van der Wal has won the "KHMW Internetscriptieprijs", the Internet MSc prize in the category "internet and technological sciences"!  The jury has awarded this prize on behalf of KHMW, the Royal Dutch Society of Sciences. The prize will be handed over on November 1st, 2018. Djurre has been asked to present his MSc research on the specification and verification of Wireless Network Protocols in AWN and mCRL2.

Sept. 13, 2018

Güner Orhan wins the IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems (TCDS) Outstanding Paper award

Güner Orhan, with his co-authors, won the 2019 Outstanding Paper award in IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems (TCDS)  for their paper entitled “Learning Context on a Humanoid Robot Using Incremental Latent Dirichlet Allocation,” by Hande Celikkanat, Guner Orhan, Nicolas Pugeault, Frank Guerin, Erol Şahin, and Sinan Kalkan. In: IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems (IEEE TCDS), vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 42-59, 2016. The prize comes with a honorarium of US $1,000.

Sept. 12, 2018

Vincent Bloemen wins Best Student Paper at BPM2018

Vincent Bloemen won the Best Student Paper at BPM2018 (Sydney, Australia) for the paper "Maximizing Synchronization for Aligning Observed and Modelled Behaviour", by Vincent Bloemen, Sebastiaan van Zelst, Wil van der Aalst, Boudewijn van Dongen, and Jaco van de Pol.

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Upcoming Events (for recurrent events only next 7 days are shown)

Nov. 22, 15:45,
Cubicus B101
Group colloquium: Title to be announced
Dec. 12, 16:30,
Waaier 4
PhD Defense: Marcus Gerhold: Choice and Chance - Model-based Testing of Stochastic Behaviour
April 6, 9:00,
Prague, Czech Republic
Workshop: Jaco van de Pol: SynCoP 2019: Synthesis of Complex Parameters

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Press Releases and Media Coverage

Sept. 5, 2018 Article mentioning in NRC because None: Voor een klein bedrag koopt een bedrijf veel invloed. [in Dutch]
July 12, 2018 Article mentioning Mariëlle Stoelinga in U-Today because Eindtentoonstelling ‘Have Fun & Play’ bij DesignLab: Van Frankenstein naar hyperbrein: speelse blik op toekomst door studenten Universiteit Twente. [in Dutch]
May 9, 2018 Interview with Jaco van de Pol in NPO Radio 1, Spraakmakers because of Dutch Blockchain Research Agenda: Jaco van de Pol on the Dutch Blockchain Research Agenda on NPO Radio 1, Spraakmakers. [in English]

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