title: A Graphical User Interface for LTSmin
keywords: GUI LTSmin
topics: Creative , Software Technology
committee: Jeroen Meijer ,
Jaco van de Pol
type: Design project for Computer Science students


With the LTSmin toolset we have created an enormously powerful toolset that can analyse large (software) systems for correct and interesting behaviour.Large scale applications include Railway Safety systems, CERN's LHC control software and Biological Cell research. LTSmin has won a challenging competetion in the analysis of C-programs.

LTSmin is a powerful collection of tools, all based on some sort of graph traversal, which can run on sequential machines, but also on clusters or multi-core hardware.As all high-performance engines, LTSmin comes with an impressive amount of options and settings, that bewilders novice users and sometimes even its designers.

The goal of this project is to develop a graphical user interface to improve the usability of the toolset.


  • Investigate suitable cross-platform GUI frameworks, such as Qt.
  • Implement a possibly wizard-like GUI which supports:
    • User input, such as: model and reordering specifications, model checking formulas and selection of state storage.
    • Simulation: step-by-step, traces and breakpoints.
    • Actual reachability analysis, deadlock detection and model checking.
    • Post processing: conclusions and traces.

LTSmin web site (Digital version available here)